About Us


The Fredericksburg Regional Military Affairs Council (FXBG MAC) was established in 2007 to educate government and community leaders on the important role local military installations and commands play in our nation’s defense and regional economy.

We are a non-profit 501(c)4 organization sponsored by the local defense industry, commercial businesses, and private citizens who understand and value the significant contributions to our Nation’s defense of military commands located at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Naval Base Dahlgren, Fort Walker, and Virginia National Guard Fredericksburg.

FXBG MAC’s mission is to promote the military and national defense bases, commands, and installations in the Fredericksburg region and, in doing so, support the interests of the military, military families, local industry, and the region as a whole. Today, we advocate for more than 25 military commands in the Fredericksburg region.

Consider becoming a Sponsor

  • Educate government and community leaders on the importance of military installations and commands in our region
  • Encourage and attract workforce professionals to support installation and command needs
  • Create government, industry, and community partnerships to ensure long-term viability of these institutions
  • Increase opportunities, awareness and support at the local, state and national levels